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Welcome to our virtual studio, created to give you an idea of our body of work, interests, and insights.  Our intent here is to provide a good overview of our project mix, what issues we deal with and what inspires us as we try to make the world a more compassionate and enjoyable place.  We continue to place a high priority on sharing time with other designers and experiencing how and what others have created.  This give and take greatly informs our process, pushing us in directions we may not have previously considered. 

Hometown: proud to claim Richmond, Virginia 

We have lived and worked throughout the U.S. in the SE, mid Atlantic, NE, and the NW, and our work and curiosity take us everywhere. Looking back since 1985, we feel very fortunate to have created a career path which has evolved in a sort of organic way, leading us to both the East and West coasts in the U.S., to the Caribbean, and to Europe. Our path has sprouted from the collective mix of seeds we've sown from education, training and experience in Landscape Architecture, Park Planning/Design, Coastal Management, Writing, Art, Geography, Ecology, and Sustainable Design. We specialize in projects focusing on parks, low impact design, and restoration. Most of our work has been with non-profits, NGOs, cities, towns, and small groups such as school PTAs, but we also work with private property owners. And most of our projects consist of sites where water is a key design element. We are big animal lovers and adore kids as both inspire us to look at the world with new eyes.  We believe giving back to the communities we live in is important, so community service is a commitment we value highly.

The scale of our work ranges from small (i.e. up to 2-acre residential) to moderate (7-90 acre parks, 130-acre housing development, 200-230 acre parks sites) to large scale (islands, river corridors, multi-jurisdictional/regional). Increasingly, our work also includes life cycle documentation of built works to see how effectively designs function in real life. Over the years, our work has been featured at conferences throughout the U.S., as well as in South America and Australia. So what keeps us fresh? Travel. And collaboration. And it's no secret that both continue to feed us in its usual surprising way.
Looking ahead, our vision has now broadened to encompass both a community and global perspective that promotes the profession of Landscape Architecture with a design approach that is holistic, multi-cultural, integrative, and fun. Since the mid 1990s, our portfolio has expanded to create a stronger foundation engrained in sustainability with two equally important goals: to work towards environmental restoration in a more holistic way while raising public appreciation of the natural world. This requires more responsibility, more collaboration, and more commitment given the complex challenges of today's world. Landscape Architecture is a profession that not only creates experiences appropriate to the site and its users, but strives to restore and enhance its cultural identity and environmental quality. We can do this well because we are trained to assimilate and create multi-dimensionally: incorporating the artistic, the architectural, the engineered, the cultural and the ecological into each project. Our profession is the best positioned to create the celebration of place everyone now is raving about. This is due in large part to the fact that our profession is grounded in the natural sciences, a perfect match for today's increasing demand for "green" solutions that enhance our quality of life.  Our work is about collaboration with the host of professions which Landscape Architects must interface with: artists, artisans, maintenance specialists, teachers, sociologists, geographers, planners, historic preservationists, biologists, scientists, researchers, policy makers, engineers, architects, and contractors, to name a few. So, crosspollination of ideas and expertise is not only something we welcome, but seek out. So drop us an email below with questions, suggestions, ideas...
A sample of our client list includes:
* City Gallery of Contemporary Art, Raleigh, NC
* City of Raleigh, NC
* private residences in NC, MA, and NY
* Barry's Nursery & Hampshire Landscape Construction, Hatfield, MA
* stonewall construction for private owner, Williamsburg, MA
* Habitat for Humanity, Inc., Amherst, MA
* Dames & Moore, Inc., Seattle, WA
* Environmental Science and Engineering, Inc., Seattle, WA 
* HDR Engineering, Inc., Seattle, WA
* Government of Great Britain
* Government of Montserrat, British West Indies
* City of Northampton, MA
* City of Albany, NY
* Washington Park Conservancy, Albany, NY
Our services include:
* joint ventures
* visioning & conceptualizing
* media coordination and production (printed, graphics, written, photographs)
* park design and planning (master plans and specific plans)
* disaster restoration (mitigation, planning, analysis, design)
* design research on a variety of topics
* sustainable planning and design
* organic land care planning and analysis
* park, recreation, + open space related technical assistance
* organizing creative collaborative approaches and solutions
* project management; consultant/contractor management
* coastal, river, and lake planning and design
* low impact design
* residential/housing/commercial planning and design
* collaboration with historic and cultural preservation
* collaboration with public art installations
* site analysis, concept development, M and O planning
* construction drawings and documentation
* written and graphic reports
* construction observation and implementation follow up
* post-construction monitoring and life cycle documentation 
Professional Affliations:
American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
Upstate NY Chapter, NY Chapter and PA/DE Chapter of ASLA
New York State Council of Landscape Architects (Officer and Board Member)
Licensed/Registered NYS Landscape Architect
International Federation of Landscape Architects



Sustainable Design: our work for the Government on the island of Montserrat to create a design for a sustainable park served as a catalyst fostering a network of connections throughout the U.S. and abroad; we have worked on several island projects and value their uniqueness; we have been interested and involved with sustainable design since 1992


Before + Beyond 2013: Post-Sandy assessments and strategies are underway & we look forward to opportunities to rebuild effected areas with our colleagues.  Our collaboration in July of 2001 with the NYC Central Park Conservancy's staff of Landscape Architects generated new ideas for large scale historic restoration for Washington Park in Albany, NY, thanks due to the Landscape Architects on the CPC staff...We have been documenting the valuable park spaces in and around the WTC and greater NYC area and collaborating with several groups of artists and designers working towards the transformation of lower Manhattan and NYC.  We hope to build stronger partnerships with artists and ecologists to help rekindle community spirit following such devastating disasters. 


Current work: We are assisting LA firms with several projects in the NE and downstate NY region.  Construction is also underway for phased improvements we recommended as part of our Landscape Restoration Plan and Design for the Washington Park Lake area in Albany, NY.  Washington Park is Albany's 90-acre crown jewel park and its initial design was based on a proposal completed in 1868 by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Since that time,  we continue to work with various groups to both improve city parks and beautify downtown areas.  Our most indepth ongoing project involves research and documentation of parks and landscapes in areas such as South Africa, New York City, Toronto, Cape Cod, Amsterdam, Antwerp, the SF Bay area, and Montreal.  New project ideas as well as research on various issues are always underway.