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Since submitting our proposal for the redesign for Governor's Island in 1996, the New York City area has been a vortex for design exploration. Park renovation studies for the following sites in New York City began in July, 2001 and are continuing: Central Park, 199 Chambers St., Union Square, median areas around the WTC, City Hall Park, and along the Hudson River Park. (photo, 1999 NOAA aerial)

An invited group of Landscape Architects attended a special onsite tour during construction of the restoration of the Pond at Central Park (59th St./5th Ave.). The almost 6-acre pond was redesigned to allow new trail access at distinct locations near the water to prevent erosion. Special layers of materials, both natural and artificial, on the sides and bottom of the pond will enhance its look and function for decades to come. (NYC, July, 2001)

Analysis of site details and design concepts for several locations in Amsterdam are underway: the Rijksmuseum Garden, the Museumplein, Vondelpark, and Amsterdam streetscapes. In June, 2002, sections of Vondelpark were undergoing significant restoration. Above is a sample of new site furniture at the Museumplein. (June, 2002)

Antwerp is one of Belgium's most dynamic cities with a rich history and diverse culture. Streetscapes, Stadspark, and the waterfront are being documented. Just around the bend ahead, this street in Antwerp connects to the waterfront. (June, 2002)

Looking through the core of the Pedestrian Mall in Washington Park, Albany, NY, during construction in October, 2001. In recent years, several Landscape Architects in the area have donated their time and expertise to the restoration of the Pedestrian Mall as one part of a larger effort to restore all of Washington Park. We have also been part of a group of Landscape Architects who have donated time to help with beautification efforts along the Hudson River.

San Francisco has an active agenda now of prioritizing the discovery and restoration of "found spaces". The city is full of hidden surprises. Here's one. Through carefully sculpted berms, rolling terrain, and dense vegetation, this small urban pocket park at Levi's Plaza is a quiet refuge from the surrounding office buildings and the traffic along the Embarcadero. (San Fran, March, 2002)





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